Micii țesători

Micii țesători,
meșteșug artizanal
o moștenire.

Imagini micii țesători


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  1. Most interesting post,it’s great to stimulate and to introduce young students to age-old craftsmanship.Handweaving is sadly on the verge of extinction since machines have taken over.New generations should be given more stimuli to keep culture and tradition alive.

    • As the article writes, there are teaching experiences during the primary school pupils’ vacation, learning new things, the work of people from other times. It was not the handing over of a craft, but rather the entrustment of an inheritance to a generation that could cherish it properly, because today there are modern weaving means.

      • Absolutely!That’s what I appreciated after reading the article.It is really important to give motives to the new generation,to teach them to respect their cultural heritage through these experiences.