Lumina artei

Lumina artei
cu războaie de țesut,
Motive moștenite,
noiembrie în culori.


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  1. Fascinating handmade carpets by the nuns in Agapia Monastery.Wonderful classic designs and colours.Sad to read about the big fire.Fortunately they were moved and are kept safely now.

    • Indeed, during the times of 1643 and up to now there have been several fires, but over time the monastery space has been restored and rehabilitated as necessary. Apart from the carpet tissue that has a long history in Agapia (since 1803), there is also a painting workshop in which painted nuns with drawing talent, thanks to the painter Nicolae Grigorescu who establish this workshop after painting at this monastery (1860).
      Agapia means „Christian love” and comes from the Greek „agape” (a hermit named Agapie lived into those places) and part of the monastery’s renown, indisputable, is due to the painter Nicolae Grigorescu who transformed the „Archangels Church” monastery in a masterpiece.

      • So many thanks for the extra and valuable information on the historical Monastery and the brilliant activities that take place thanks to Nicolae Grigorescu and the nuns,Yes,when I saw the onomatology,I was thrilled,as you say it means Christian love.Archangels is also of Greek origin.Arch(on) = chief + angelos which means messenger,envoy,one that announces.I so much enjoy the high level of your stimulating posts,dear friend.

  2. Minunate motivele alese de dumneavoastră ! Respect, iubesc și îmi doresc să putem păstra aceste minunate dovezi de artă măiastră!

    • Vă mulțumesc pentru cuvintele de apreciere și că îmi sunteți alături prin gândul pe care l-ați așternut atât de frumos în cuvinte. Un sfârșit de săptămână fericit !