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The birth of spring

Joy of life in spring,
the time for new beginning,


The charm of the sun
opening corolla of flowers,
what a blooming !


Beautiful spring mood
time of re-generation,
amazing season.

© Georgeta R.M.

Stive Morgan & Evgeny Sokolovsky – The Birth Of Spring


Revival of nature
the Promise of love
it’s spring again.

Georgeta R.M.

„Promise” by Brian Crain

Flori de primăvară

De Mărțișor, alături de Flori de primăvară
vă doresc la toți o primăvară fericită !

Frumusețea toamnei

O frumusețe
cântul toamnei în culori,
anotimp magic.

Once again autumn
comes with love and discretion
to spring of winter.


In every moment
the colors of autumn are
music of nature.